Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well...I had my first piano lesson today in about a year, it was actually pretty fun!
My instructor (warren) I think will work very well for me, and I'm looking forward to building back up to the level I was. Also, I'm INSANELY happy to say that as I write dear readers, Kate and Ian and Dawna are competeing at NATIONALS!! Oh my gosh that's awesome. :) I stumbled onto a random blog when I hit the 'next blog' button at the top of the page and found www.mustardseeds07.blogspot.com and the author happens to be in a Texas Speech and deabte league, and if you don't know already, Texans take their debate very seriously. Kind of like football, I'm told. So I was very happy about that. :)
Let's see...what else is new? I got a hair cut, and lots of people like it, including me! The photoshoot was awesome, and I had a blast meeting Lauren. I now have 20 pen-pals, so I think I'll call it quits for a while on getting any new ones. ;)
Louie and dad are gone rafting with Luke in Oregon and they don't have any cell phone reception so that makes life interesting! We're painting my room this week while they're gone...hehe. It's going to be a nice ilght green.
I know I promised Chastity book reviews, they are a-coming! I need to collect them all from the bowels of who knows where then remember the points about them. So I'll have that soon. :)
Well..I love you all and I hope to see you soon!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

*I dunno, something interesting

well, no long post. I'm going to post chastity book reviews in a little while, but I'm too lazy to right now. I just felt like posting 'cause I'm tired of seeing the same old post.


p.s. that was supposed to be love, but it kind of didn't turn out that way ;) I kind of like it! :D