Monday, May 19, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Night

To those of you who were there to help me celebrate my confirmation: thank you so much. Seeing each and every one of you meant so much to me, and the sacrament itself was so amazing.

For those of you who weren't there...
I was confirmed on May 12th at 7pm at St. Alphonsus parish along with Grace Jeane-Marie. My sponsor is Angela Kim, and that weekend we had gone on a confirmation retreat down in Auburn. There were 24 confirmands from St. Al's, and I think 11 from Blessed Sacrament. Fr. Daniel read the gospel, and Erin read the readings. We had Bishop Elisandro (I'm sorry I can't spell it correctly) and it was such a powerful and amazing sacrament.
During the imposition of the hands, I literally felt like it was forever, and I remember thinking, "Why is he spending so long on me?" When he annointed me, he applied a very liberal amount of chrism, and I can still smell it and feel it on my face. It has that special chrism smell, and throughout the entire night people were smelling my face and I shared chrism with whomever wanted it.
Another beautiful addition, as if the sacrament itself was not enough, was that Claire came down for the day, and that Andrew and Patrick and Cowee were back and they came. Madeleine, Grace, Cowee, and I rode down, and that was really fun.

Everyone was so generous and sweet with cards and presents and prayers, and I can't wait to put to use all the graces I've received with my confirmation into the adult life of a Catholic!