Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind saying a quick prayer. I'm getting confirmed next year (May 12th!!!!!!!!) and I need to choose my confirmation sponsor. The two women whom I've narrowed the choices down too are also praying, but I would be incredibly grateful if yo uwould as well. Basically I cannot decide. It is dead even, they are both wonderful Catholic women and good friends of the family and I love them dearly etc... So I kind of need to make up my mind, because the first class is like January 13th, so I would be very grateful for some prayers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Speech and Debate pictures!!!!!!! Batch #2

Picture time!

This is us at Snohomish (11/16&17/07) friday night for Congress. Ali is on the left, then me, then Jonathan, then Josh. Ali did LD, Jonathan and I did Open Congress, and Josh was in Novice Congress.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough room for the fun snohomish picture I wanted to put in, so I'm sorry. This one is our team trophy picture taken from an angle. I think Susan took this one while Dawna was taking the other picture. It's basically most of our team, and the important people you should already be able to distinguish.

This was Renton (12/1/07 - no Friday night events)I am on the far left, the woman right next to me is Dawna, our coach. Above her is Jakob, next to her is Daniel, then Erika, Elliot, and Ali.

Auburn-Riverside (12/08&09/07) Friday night! WOOHOO!!! I'm on the left, Ali is doing his hitman impression with his LD pens (red for pro, blue for con, they rock for making flows during the round)and Josh is just looking bored. That was a HUGE tournament, there were 280 some odd Congress/Debate entries JUST ON Friday. And 350 some odd IE entries the next day. That was the biggest touranemnt in Western Washington thus far this year.

Aha! Gig Harbor (12/11/07) was awesome. This was their Speech Festival, so it was smaller then their normal tournament, but more fun because they add extra events. :) Ali is on the left, then me, Kate, then Jakob.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Auburn-Riverside + Gig Harbor Speech Fest + life...

Hello, and I'm sorry I didn't post sooner, it's been a hectic week.
First off: Auburn-Riverside

Friday Josh and I competed in Student Congress (hereafter refered to as Stuco), he in Novice, I in JV. This tournament was HUGE, over 250 debate entries and 380 speech entries. I gave three very good speeches, and the Parliamentarian even went up to Dawna afterwards and told her what a good speaker I was. Unfortunately their recency was all screwed up, so even though I was better than most of the people who trophied, they gave more speeches hence won the trophies. Oh well. Ali did LD and he went 3/3, not bad! I saw the Kingston team, but I didn't actually get to say hello.

Saturday: (five hours later)
Ali's alarm apparently did not go off, so Kelsey (watching), Kallie (judging), me, and Dawna drove off without him. Oh, and now I must mention the stupidist school policy. When the driver must stop for gas in a school vehicle, all persons inside the vehicle must vacant the premises until the gas is finished being pumped. Basically: If something bad does happen, we only have the memory of watching our coach be blown up, not the actually being blown up ourselves. How comforting.
Anyways! So we got there and met our two novice duos and Ali. There were three rooms of DI, and I didn't make it to finals, although I was pleased at how I did: 4/3/2. The people who did make it were insanely good, and they all beat me before. Oh, and Frank struck up a conversation with me in the commons, so that was fun. :) I watched a round of open IR then, and a round of open HI. Then I found Frank and Mitch in the hall waiting for postings and started talking to them. :) I gave Mitch some advice on a crappy judge, and impressed Frank by pointing out an error in Mitch's logic. (Keep in mind, both of these boys took first and third in Open LD at the biggest tournament in Western Washington thus far this year. They are both incredibly smart, which is part of the reason I love hanging out with them. :) ) SO I watched a round of Mitch's Impromptu, and I walked into the room and he wanted me to sit next to him. :D So afterwards I went to watch Impromptu Finals (Mitch made it, yes) and I also spent many hours between rounds with Kelsey and Ali. See, they eventually found out about my interest in the Kingston brothers, and so they promptly began mercilessly teasing me. Unfortunately there wasn't anyone for me to tease Ali about, but Kelsey did have her eye on this one dude from Renton... ;)
So yea, I watched Open Impromptu Finals, and Mitch took 2nd. :) Afterwards we all crowded into the auditorium, and Ali got 2nd for Novice Extemp. and one of our novice duos took 3rd. I got to go up on stage to get their trophies because they had left, and there were like 400 people crammed into the auditorium, I'm serious! It was a super huge tournament. :)

GIG HARBOR:Time is running short, not much happened that was interesting. 13 Things girl was there... >:| I got 2nd for Memorized Interp, they combined HI and DI because they were so small. So it was fun, and I now have another trophy. :)

ooooo yea..... you know the feeling when someone hates you? Yea, it's like that. Actually, it's exactly that, not even 'like' that.
Plus side: I don't have to deal with her until Thursday, and I get to see some of you dudes tonight... Oh, and Ali doesn't hate me. Oh, and it's one less day until Elliot and Erika get back.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Renton 12/1 + 40th post!


okay, so I just got back from the Renton HS invitational. It was the first tournament where both Edmonds and Thomas Jefferson (an interp. POWERHOUSE, they have like the best in the state) were competing so there were new DI's for me to beat (and be conquerored by). The two which won were AMAZING, the 1st place actually had this guy crying in the 1st round, I am not kidding! I got 4th out of the seven open DI's there, which I am I guess okay with. The girl who ripped her piece off of nationals FINALLY got crushed by a judge who gave her a 5th because she ripped her piece, I am so happy about that. :) So she actually ended up placing ahead of me, but she didn't trophy so I was happy. The snow was simply gorgeous, and it was so pretty! Ali and I were standing on the stairs talking and watching the snow. :) We had our novice duo there (#3 for our team!!!)and they won FIRST. !!!!!!!! Ali also won 2nd for his Oratory. :) He is so good! dude! My impromptu topics SUCKED and consequently I got 5th each round, a personal WROST. But I wasn't _too_ crushed because all the other people were super good. I now have a grand total of 207 NFL points. Oh, and for those of you who care, Kingston was NOT there. ;) Unfortunately. Anyways! Erika and Elliot rode down with us, which was super fun, something which doesn't normally happen. They're leaving for Guatamala on the 8th and not coming back until the 30th! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!
Yea, and I have to go now,