Sunday, June 6, 2010

A whole lot can change in six days

It's June! So why is it raining, cloudy, and cold?
At times I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle against the lethargic northwest weather. It can't be bothered enough to get really hot or really cold so it just kind of clouds over and leaks.
Thanks a lot.

However, in brighter news I just finished my final English research paper which incidentally happens to be the final English paper to the final undergraduate English class I'll ever have to take. Good riddance. I am celebrating this joyous occasion with a momentary break which I'm using to post on my blog. Now all I have left in the quarter is my oral defense of paper, possible psych final, golf paper, and my STUPID HATEFUL SPANISH ORAL FINAL. 7-14 minute presentation on (for me) Bolivian wind instruments as well as Bolivian history and geography all in Spanish and all memorized. My teacher changed my assignment at the last minute which is why I'm presenting on something as boring as Bolivian wind instruments. I was going to talk about Spanish card games (did you know there is a separate Spanish set of playing cards?) and board games but...whatever. I'm done complaining.

This week is a big week for me. Although one stalker commented on my apparently distasteful use of lists, I resent those implications and present another list:

Michelle's Final Week of High School:

Monday -
- English
- Golf
- Research Spanish like Hell
- Spanish class with Final preparations
- Frisbee practice?

Tuesday -
- English
- Research Spanish like Hell
- Debate in which I research like Hell and begin memorizing my expos

Wednesday -
- English Oral Defense of Paper
- Golf (turn in paper)
- Research & Prep Spanish Oral like Hell
- Give Spanish Oral Presentation (like Hell?)
- YFL?

Thursday -
- Turn in English Research Paper
- Debate which includes any final, frantic research and expos memorization
- First Frisbee Game
- Pack for Nationals

Friday -
- Continue packing for Nationals
- Finish up any last minute school assignments that teachers random assign
- Graduation preparation
- Graduation
- No party

Saturday -
- 5am at airport
- 7am LEAVE
- 4:30 arrive in Kansas City
- 7 Jazz Club Reservations!!

The next week will be completely and utterly full of debate. Sunday is registration/service project/site seeing then basically from 6am Monday morning to about 6 or 7pm Thursday night or sometime Friday afternoon if I make finals, non-stop competition. When I'm not competing I'm preparing and when I'm neither competing nor preparing I'm catching a precious few hours of sleep. Although Ali and I have concocted an ambitious plan to watch a classic horror movie each night we're at Nationals so the sleep part might not actually happen.

My schedule for this coming week also fails to mention my necessary trip to the mall to get my ears pierced and get some last minute clothes for graduation and nationals as well as setting up my interview for ElderHouse NW (local Americorps site...fingers crossed)

However, in the midst of the craziness I still find time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, as should you: