Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well dear readers, March 20th has come and gone, and now we are officially in that most glorious season of life and hope and warm weather - Spring! I always forget just how happy Spring makes me and just how much I enjoy it. I'm not sure if it's all the flowers, or the mild temperatures, or wearing flip-flops, or that it's almost Easter then my birthday, but something about Spring just makes me very, very happy. So today I decided to celebrate and wear a nice colourful outfit: jeans, purple ribbon, green cami, orange polka dot half-length, red chunky necklace (to match my red fingernails), then I put my hair up in this crazy awesome new updo that my hair is FINALLY long enough for and used 4 or 5 different coloured barrettes to pin my bangs back. I feel very colourful and springy.

I am also on Spring Break which adds to my enthusiasm. Grades get posted tonight but I already have a pretty good idea of what my grades are and they're all good so that is another reason for happiness. In addition, I am finally sewing my graduation dress. I am SO excited. I sewed the bottice and straps yesterday and today I'm going to sew the bottice lining and also the skirt. One features I like so much about the fabric I chose (besides it's beautiful colour and design) is the way it lays. It's this gorgeous cherry brocade and it has just such an elegant drape. That is really nice because the dress is shorter so the elegant fabric really helps it dress up. All right. Enough said about my dress.

In other awesome Michellian news - I'm getting my ibook today! And I might be getting an itouch, but we'll see. Point being - best birthday/graduation present ever. I've been telling my parents they're getting me an ibook for said occasions for like six months so we found an awesome sale and are taking advantage of it. Also - because I'm a college student (technically) I get $100 off. Not bad.

Now, though running the risk of boring all you stalwart readers who have made it this far - I'm going to run through my movie reviews from the past...however long it's been.

Sweet Home Alabama (2002) PG-13 Romantic Comedy **/*

Truth be told I forgot I had put this on our Netflix queue so it showed up one day and although I'm sick of romantic comedies I decided to watch it anyway. I loved all the main actors but their characters left a lot to be desired. The entire movie stank of predictability so although it was cute and charming, I saw it coming from a mile away. As far as romantic comedies go, it's definitely not the worst I've seen, but I'd put Carolina and 27 Dresses far above this one. Plot is basically Witherspoon moving to NY to become a fashionista and she gets engaged to mayor's son (Dempsey.) Mayor doesn't approve, Witherspoon is already married (oops.) so she has to go to Alabama to get her husband to divorce her. He won't. She stays to try and persuade him. You can guess the rest.

2012 (2009) PG-13 Drama **

Disclaimer: This movie was not historically accurate. It didn't do the 2012 legend justice and quoted some inaccuracies.
Review: Stupidest thing ever. The movie basically follows this one family (plus or minus a few people over the course of the movie) and their quest to get on the Arks to get to safety because apparently there is a way to survive the end of the world and the US government was smart enough to figure it out. Go figure! The little girl's screaming got old after the first time she did it, the computer graphics left a lot to be desired, and the humor seemed strained and mechanically inserted so that the whole movie wouldn't be dark. Didn't really work. The good parts were (in no particular order): A selfless president, LA getting trashed, the Russian guy. The bad parts were: everything else. And at over 2 hours and thirty minutes trust me there was a lot of "everything else." The movie was too long and too stupid.

A Serious Man (2009) R Black Comedy **/*

This film was not for the faint of heart. I have never seen a comedy so utterly dark and black before and it took me a while to adjust. Actually it took the entire movie. We follow the sad, depressing story of Larry Gopnik, a 1960's Jewish suburban dad for whom everything goes wrong. Literally. His kid smokes pot, his wife is leaving him, one of his students is blackmailing him, his wife's new fiancee is a creep (and kicks Larry out of his own home), Larry's brother is a loser with a large cyst on his back, and Larry's neighbor keeps trying to steal some of Larry's hard. And his lawyer charges him like $250,000 and hour. That's not all though! We follow his journey, all the while all he wants to do is be a good Jew and have his family back. Well, that never happens. There were some pretty funny parts, but you have to have a soot-black sense of humour to enjoy them. Otherwise, don't bother. Trust me, you'll regret watching it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Value: Michelle should go to bed earlier. Criterion: This post.

I feel really shameless being on here right now. It's late, I should go to bed, I have tons of work to do. And then I remember it. Yes folks, it's true.

I stripped my bed this morning. I never re-made it. And I just mentally obscenitized when I remembered that. And then I made up a new word to describe my revelation. Deal. with. it.

Good night.

Except not for me. Because I still have to go make my bed.