Sunday, May 16, 2010

One more minute...

I, like my co-blogger Erin, deflect to my blog in a vain attempt to stave off or forestall the all but inevitable paper (which happens to be due tomorrow.) However, I, unlike Erin, am writing but a paragraph, a precis note on an article about addiction. Should be simple. But here I am, sitting in my room on what could have been a nice Sunday afternoon staring at my computer avoiding my work.

The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from this recess of lethargy is that Erin is obviously a bad influence on me.

On the bright side, I realized today marks the beginning of week 7 so 4 more weeks until the end of school, I graduate, and Nationals - which I am severely under prepared for.

Also, I recently discovered an interesting button which, when pressed, tabulates all the past visits to a particular website. Visits to my blog on this computer? 52. Visits to facebook on this computer? I'd rather not say. Needless to say, it's better than our family computer which has combined facebook hits for the three of us at over 23000. That's a loooooot of time wasted. If each facebook hit was just one minute (which they never are) that's 23000 minutes or about 383 hours or almost 16 days. Damn.

I'm going to get back to my paper now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Life on a Planet Named Me

...or something like that. At any rate, here we are, another month older, wiser, richer (not), more heavily entrenched in school etc.

Let's give a quick run-down of my upcoming week, because I'm still having trouble dealing with how busy it is:

- English, Golf (skipped - hey, I had to honor senior skip day somehow right? Plus I had a ton of homework)
- Senior Pictures @ EHRC
- Spanish in PM

- English with 2 papers due
- 1-5pm work on graduation dress down in Seattle
- Debate (skip - no other option)

- English (midterm part #1), Golf (can't skip)
- Spanish
- YFL (arrive late because of Spanish)

- English (midterm part #2, Annotated Bib due)
- Possible meet to finish graduation dress
- Debate 2-3pm
- Senior Speech Meeting 3-4pm

- Psych test
- Senior party @ beach in PM

- Debate funraiser

- Mass
- Debate fundraiser
- Dinner at fancy restaurant down by the water with dad's side of the family to celebrate my birthday

Writing it all out makes it sound like a bit less, but it still sucks. My idyllic week would go something like this:

- Get up at 11am (or whenever I wake up)
- Read in bed
- Read during breakfast
- Read outside (and tan :))
- Make vegetable-laden lunch
- Read during lunch
- Do something nice outside, e.g. garden, play frisbee, play tennis, take long walk,
- Have nice dinner
-Read or watch a movie
- Sleep, sweet sleep.

Something like that. I guess I'm just really getting worn down with all this school and crap. Plus I really need to start putting the heat on researching for nationals and fundraising for nationals and I have to get my graduation invitations sent out and figure out what I'm doing in August and decide if I can get a job this summer and do all this stuff. Plus my back still hurts from when it got burned on Saturday.

So...summer plans! I'm in a list sort of mood today I guess!

- NATIONALS (I qualified in Domestic Extemp and am doing Extemp Commentary and Expos as my supplementals)
- Club Rust
- Yosemite with the Bernhofts
- Summer League Mixed Ultimate - I'm a little nervous about playing ultimate with/against adults but I think it will be really fun and needless to say I'm psyched
- MOVE TO CHICAGO!!!!!!! (Or Ohio, but probably Chicago.)

I am SO ready to move out! I can't wait. But first Americorps needs to process my application and finalize details. There are two really awesome programs in Chicago and I hope I get into at least one of them. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to take a year off of school and still graduate on time and I definitely want to make the most of it. I feel like I've been laden down so much with school for the past 12 years and had blinders on to stay focused and alert and academically-minded so now that I'm nearing the metaphorical end of the tunnel suddenly I see all these new, exciting opportunities and I want to live a little. I'm thrilled to get the chance to move out and be independent on my own and just live for a year in a completely new place. I'll come back and go to UW after, but for now that independence is just so tantalizing I can hardly wait. But lest I get ahead of myself, I still need to get accepted to a program, and I still need to finish another 4.5 weeks of college and jump through a bunch of other hurdles. All right - enough about myself! I'd post my movie reviews but I'm too lazy right now. I doubt anyone actually cares about them so it's all good in the end anyway.