Wednesday, January 7, 2009

man im fat

hey all, i know i dont have a life, BUT, i just wanted to anoy you all by saying really lame things and telling you all about my boring and pointless life. so, i wake up this morning, get up look at myself in the mirror and think, "michelle, you are one fat hippo." yep, that's what i say to myself everyday. i also pick my nose. ~your foolish noob, Michelle
p.s. i should probably sign out of my email next time huh?

Monday, January 5, 2009

kefir vs. yogurt: epic showdown

Well, the answer is actually rather obvious. If you don't know what kefir is, I'd suggest you take this moment to go look it up so you can make an informed decision. Drink some sometime also, (if you have the nerve.) >:)

And we are back! Well, Happy New Year! I am SO happy it's 2009! I hope this will be a good year. I have four solid back-to-back quarters of Biology this year culminating in Microbiology in the autumn. I've heard nothing of horror stories about it, but hey - what do I know? My first Biology (201 - intro to human anatomy and psychology) starts tomorrow. Yup. Yay me. So I thought I'd start a list of all the things I will do in the next year, which should be pretty fun. I encourage you all to do it as well - it'll a be a year of things to look forward too!

- Get my Drivers License

- Take the SAT (on my birthday, if you hadn't heard)

- Possibly get my Wisdom Teeth removed

- Apply to colleges!!!

- Survive 4 quarters of Biology (still working on that one)

- Qualify for State (hopefully)

- Qualify for Nationals (hopefully!!!)

- Go to Mexico, twice, and build houses for the poor

- Watch a bunch of my friends leave for college. :(

- Start volunteering at Stevens

- Take a bowling class, hopefully, during the summer

- NOT faint. At all. Nope. It's my New Year's Resolution. (Resolved: I will not faint this year.)

- Get our kitchen remodeled!

And I'm sure lots and lots of other wonderful things will happen, I just can't think of them now.

In the mean time, Louie is in shock that I don't want to buy his old MP3 player for $5. I've explained to him countless times that I don't WANT an mp3 player, and I certainly don't NEED one and I don't feel like spending $5 for something I don't want or need because I'm a spendthrift. I told him I'd buy it for $1 but he doesn't like that idea. hahaha.

Other than that, I'm going in to get hooked up to electrodes after fasting so they can monitor my heart and see if that might have been the problem with my fainting etc. And I have to get more blood drawn. Seriously, they've been drawing SO much blood! And I hate the way they draw it at Group Health - at Childrens they draw it so I didn't get a huge bruise but at Group Health it's all gas n' go. Or whatever. Blood n' go. Kind of sucks. Maybe I'll tell them how to draw blood. Novel idea, I like it. :D

Well I'm going to UPS this weekend (Saturday only, unfortunatly) so that should be fun, and in the meantime I'm looking at a lot of school, crazy Tuesdays and Thursdays, debate (<33333333) and various other aspects of my social life (boys).
And on a completely unrelated note, Colin's birthday is Sunday; he'll be 19.

I hope you are all healthy, wealthy, and wise in mind, body, and spirit and I hope to see all of you sometime soon!

P.S. The answer to the kefir vs. yogurt: epic showdown question is obviously yogurt. Kefir is disgusting. Not nearly as bad as kvass though!