Wednesday, April 30, 2008


These things absolutely rock. They were what kept me sane in drivers ed. Alysen helped, but these were so absolutely dumb and stupid and funny and pointless. Had to share.
I am officially done with drivers ed, having passed with 90 on the written and 92 on the driving tests. YES.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I realize in the last post the group I extolled would have come out to be one billion strong against Hillary, but I'm sure there's a less popular group which bears that name. The one I mean to say, however, was one million strong. just to clarify.

Next, I gaze outside the window and wonder at the state of our yard. There are many inches of snow on it and the temperature is very very cold for the END OF APRIL. Thank you, I find it most irregular and odd. I went over to the Russell's tonight (last night, if we're being precise) and we made cookies and watched Agatha Christe and had a great time and now I don't want to go to sleep.

In very short, my dear readers, there is a bunch of snow at the wrong time of year, and I had a great time at the Russells.

Oh! And 2 weeks until my birthday!!!
One week of drivers ed left.
A bunch of weeks...too tired to count, until my trip to Ojai.
A bunch of more weeks until my trip to Las Vegas.
I love flying.

Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7th...April 7th...April 7th...


I'm Michelle. Nice to meet you! Get Facebook, it's so amazingly awesome. Allow me to extole it's virtues for a second. Not only can you buy and sell people, but you can also race each other, pinch, flirt, slap, karate chop, and throw stuff at your friends. If you're more liberal, you can take Disney princess quizes, if you're conservative you can join groups like "1,000,000,000 strong against Hillary". You can proclaim everything from you religious views to your mood as expressed by a smiley emoticon. You can reconnect with old friends, while arching eyebrows at new ones. You can spend your life on it, or spend only a few minutes once a year (although I don't recommend that). Yes, and if I haven't convinced you, see me in person, and I'll try some specially tailored methods of persuasion.
Right now I just ate dinner, and I had a drive today with my instructor where she taught me how to parallel park and back around a corner. I also learned that I hate parking on the right side of a lot, and I need practice on that (although I still did pretty well) :)
I am also working on a beautiful Liszt Sarabande (it was a Handel melody, then he did everything else). It is so so so beautiful. *SIGH. I love it.