Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer 2010: Recap and Reflection

I guess my summer is nearly complete. I begin working at my new job full-time on September 1st. On the one hand, I'm really really excited about what I get to do and about finally start working in healthcare but on the other hand I'm a little apprehensive about jumping straight into my first full-time job. We don't even get Labor Day off!
To prepare for this momentous life-changing occasion I have finally gotten a car. It's a 90 Acura Integra LS (which means it has a souped up engine and racing seats) and I'm getting to be pretty proficient in driving my car (which happens to be manual.) No definite names yet, but I'm entertaining suggestions. It is by no means an amazing car but it is a pretty sweet deal for a first car.

Working backward, my time in Yosemite with Sheila & co. was amazingly fun. I became exceedingly attached to this little orange kitten at a party Sheila and I went to on Saturday night (and have since gone into orange kitten mourning) and even went so far as to contemplate sneaking it home. I also enjoyed Tracy, Veronica Mars, Wii Just Dance, Taio Cruz, Yosemite Falls, "ELMER!!!", The bear, trading diaries, The Best Ice Cream Cone I Have Ever Had in My Entire Life, Yosemite busses, "This could have been a better idea," In-n-Out, Sheila singing me lullabies on the long car ride home, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Ozzie.
I didn't enjoy car troubles, mosquitos, dirty pools, the almost-perfection of my sundress, not getting to meet Andrew and go to Idyllwild. But all in all it was a great trip.

Ultimate Frisbee season is also officially over. We had our final playoff on Thursday against the Pan Galactic Groovesquad. Despite missing 4 of our best players we still finished a spirited 9-15. Not great, but we played hard. It was a frustrating end to the season - we finished in 2nd place, the Groovesquads were poor sports, I wasn't on my game, but I still had a blast playing summer ultimate. Afterward a few of the UW guys, Luke, Alexander, Louie, Grace, and I stayed on and played fliers up for probably another two hours until the lights went off. We then got Dick's and that was a really fun after party. I'm definitely going to play summer league again next year if Spencer puts it together and I'm also going to look into UW women's (which I definitely wouldn't make A team since they're took 9th at 2010 nationals) and also UW coed because they need more girls (and also frisbee guys are hot.)

As far as movies and stuff to review, I honestly don't think anyone reads them/cares (I only occasionally reference them for future choices) and I'm feeling slightly sorry for myself because my entire family ditched me at home to go do other stuff so I'm just going to end here.

I plan on making the most of my last week of summer and you should too!