Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's 2012, Bitches! The world ends this year!

With that apocalyptic foresight fully disclosed, I now present my annual goals and aspirations for this year. I have a feeling this will be a great and amazing year full of new and exciting opportunities, lots of fun, and lots of hard work. Even though the world will be ending, I think it's going to be a year for adventure, a year for trying new things, pushing boundaries, and reaffirming everything that I think is great about life. So, without further ado, my list of goals for 2012:

  • Get into Nursing School!!!!
  • Start Nursing School
  • Move out (I say this every might actually happen this time)
  • Get a job
  • Cross something (or many things) off of my bucket list
  • Layout
  • Callahan? Bookends? Layout D? Anything and everything is possible!
  • Potlatch with a kickass team
  • Do lots more hiking and cross off a lot of trails off my list
  • Kayaking with my dad
  • Put in a Grand Canyon permit bid
  • 21 & Over comes out - hopefully they kept some/all of the scenes I'm in!
  • And finally, complete my New Year's Dare
I'm sure I'll think of other things I wish I could have put on there, but right now that is my 2012 Goals List and I have 355 days and counting to accomplish it all! Let's go!