Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a little bit of pie

Well dear readers, it has been a very long time since I last posted my thoughts.

But like any good blogger, I cannot forsake my blog completely. And seeing as how I'm on summer break for the week and it's 5pm and I have absolutely nothing else to do (except go get candy, but I can wait...) and I just read Erin's blog and got inspired I might as well pour forth.

So far my summer has been interesting. I just got my spring grades back an hour or so ago and I still have a cum 3.7gpa. Curse them, I want my 3.8! My quarter gpa was 3.8 but noooo still 3.74. It's a little infurinating, but I'll just have to work harder. I'm still really grateful for them, though, don't get me wrong. And I'm still safely in the net of PTK honor membership so life is good.

I got back from Birmingham and Nationals was amazing. I didn't break in congress but I met some really hot guys (it blew all my stereotypes about no such thing as a sexy debater completely out of the water) and flirted with them. :D Good times... I did a lot better in supplemental events, top 60 in expos out of 307 (Code E116) and top 35, more like 30, in Extemp Commentary out of 486 (Code C128). Considering I BSed extemp comm from the start, it was pretty awesome.

The social aspect of the trip was also exceedingly interesting, and I think I'll leave it at that.

In other news (other, older news), I got a 2080 on my SAT (740 Reading, 690 Writing, 650 Math) which is competitive for all the colleges I'm applying to so that makes me happy. As far as colleges go, I'm going to apply to UW, Gonzaga (possibly honors), and PLU definitely. Georgetown just sent me random crap out of the blue yesterday about their nursing program, so they might warrant a look into but if I do apply I doubt I'd actually go there. Like, give it a 5% chance I'd go there, if that much. Both UW and Gonzaga have big pluses and minuses and I'm hoping it's not going to be an epic battle of the century to figure out which one (provided I get into both) I will go to. But I'll take that in stride when it comes.

I've posted some failblog stuff up here and I'm going to add that website ( to my list of site picks because they are hilarious. fmylife is okay, but most of the stuff on there just isn't believable. Photoshop disaster is also pretty hilarious, although some of it just goes plain over my head. :)

Well, I really must remedy my candy situation, so I think I shall bus down to QFC and buy eggs for mom and candy for me. I love living in America! Be good little readers, and I will try to post more often this summer.

(I was just looking through my tags and I saw "intelligence". haha, I love myself. It sounds like classified government information. Excellent.)