Monday, January 4, 2010


Well! It's a new year. And that makes me happy.

It's also a new quarter, which leaves me less than enthralled.

However, as with any milestone, I will detail what I hope to accomplish in this next year. Looking back on this list from this time last year, I actually did pretty much all of it! Yay me. :)


  • GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL. EHRC graduation valedictorian, possibly but not probably STHME as well. STHME conflicts with nationals, and in this case nats definitely trumps a 2nd graduation.
  • Start UW. I will continue to live at home for the first year to save money but transitioning into a 4-year campus environment and getting involved with UWish things will definitely be fun. But the best part is that I've taken all the toughest classes in running start so all I have left are 4 pre-recs then electives.
  • Get a car. Hopefully. It's a priority, but we'll see if it actually happens. In order to get a car -
  • Get a job. Necessary to buy a car, car insurance, and gas. Probably wouldn't have said job as a means to make $$$ for college, but rather to pad my personal spending $$$.
  • Visit Sheila. Hopefully for her graduation/our Yosemite graduation camping trip. I really miss her and it will be really good to see her again.
  • Club Rust. Possible - sort of depends on a few things. I have enough money for it though, so I'm tentatively planning on it.
  • Turn 18. Inevitable. Smoke, vote, buy porn (KIDDING), and generally enjoy being an official adult. 2010 will be a great year for voting. :D
  • Volunteer more. I want to get more involved in Blessed Sacrament and my new Dominican home-away-from-home the Newman Center.
  • Nationals/State. My goal this year is to be a state champion in at least 1 event, trophy in at least 2 (should be 3...making state finals isn't that hard.) and earn Nationals hardware. I'm hoping to go to nats in SC and make it to semis. Then I get a trophy. Otherwise I'd do EC and Expos for supps and hopefully make it to finals or semifinals thereby securing either a trophy and recognition on the stage in front of 4000 people or a little plaque. If I get eliminated from supps in time then storybook. Oh yeah, and the cool thing about supps finals is doing the final on stage in front of a few hundred people. No pressure. Actually I'm cool performing in front of as many people as possible with memorized speeches, but I still get a little freaked with impromptu or extemporized speeches, particularly the latter.
I can't think of much more, so I guess that's about it. I am super excited about transitioning from high school to college and all the independence and adulthood that brings.

My courses for this quarter are PolSc 203 - International Relations, Math 141 - Pre-Calculus, and Span 122 - Spanish II. Should be fun. 15 credits richer; another quarter older. And life goes on...