Monday, January 1, 2007

Mary, the Mother of God

Today is my favorite of Mary's feast days. This has always been my favorite title for her, imagine, the mother of GOD!! It's so beautiful to meditate upon. I also love the fact that our Church has declared it a holy day of obligation. How much more special this title is!
Anyways, happy feast and I hope you all have a (no Fr. Daniel adjectives)wonderful 2007!


Madeline said...

Seriously. I think it's so beautiful how she wants to be OUR mother as well.. and such a mother! It's so cool to think that we can be so close to the one who knew and loved Jesus the most. She's always there to love, comfort, protect, and inspire us. And we can always depend on her intercession. I love the Blessed Mother so much. Happy feast day, everyone! :)

zenka said...

grammar is key.
Yay, Fr. Daniel!