Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm so happy!

Dear Everyone (who actually reads this,

It is my wonderful news which brings me again to these places which I seldom frequent. I won the Truegirl ( cover girl contest! I'm flying out to the photoshoot in Illinois at the beginning of June, so I'll keep you guys posted on that, but basically I'm realy happy/excited about that! The first of my highschool goals FULFILLED! Just for the record, the other ones are in my (updated) profile. Check them out! Do you guys have any goals? If so, COMMENT WITH THEM. I love having goals! They rock! :D
Also, I guess that's it...I have more new pen-pals, bringing my total up to about 15 or so...;) Wahoo! Oh, I also found this RAD totally rocks...but I wouldn't quite go so far as to make it a 'worthwhile site pick'. what an idea! YUM! ;P.
Well.......until my next post...I love you all!


Zenka said...

goals? you bet! first, i want to play the walton viola concerto, which is actually getting fulfilled right now. after that, i want to play it with an orchestra, win the new west young artists concerto competition, do my own voice concert, have fun, etc.

Erin said...

That's so awesome, Michelle! I'm hoping my mom will let me subscribe to TrueGirl sometime, it looks like a terrific magazine.
As for goals... mine are sort of like Sheila's. I'd love to win the concerto competition next year (playing the Saint-Saens concerto, which hopefully I'll start this summer). I want to write a book, be recognized for something awesome, do cool things... yeah. And be a good person. So yay!

Emma said...

Oh my gosh! I love that concerto. It's probably my all time favorite! Eirn, I'll love you forever if you play it, not that I won't anyways but what ever.
Michelle, as you know, I'm really excited for you. :)
And as far as goals go, I don't really have any least none that come to mind.

Zenka said...

Oh, Michelle, I have this question. Why is it so hard for TrueGirl to send me my magazines??? Mom re-subscribed me in like March or April, gave them the new address, etc., and I haven't heard anything since then. And the subscription you gave me I got like one magazine and that was it! Gosh, am I really that ugly???

Cinia said...

dude! email them at and let them figure it out! I am not a true girl genie! I just a teen editor...and won the cover contest...and know a bunch of them and yea...neve mrind, I guess I am kind of a truegirl wiz...but anyways emai lthem! SOON!

Zenka said...

I did, and she has no idea what's going on... Pretty fun. :) We'll sort it out soon.

Zenka said...

We sorted it out. i gues there was an error in the subscription or something. anyway, it's all good now!

Cinia said...

!!!!!!!! sweet !!!!!!!!!!