Thursday, July 5, 2007

My first cousin!!!!!!!!

I am VERY pleased/proud/happy to announce that I now have a beautiful/cute/adorable baby cousin! Lauren Catherine was born at 10:25ish at Swedish hospital on June 29th and weighs 6 lbs. 10 oz. I just got to hold her yesterday-too cute! Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of her and me just yet, but I'll post some other pictures we have of her later.

Until then, crack open the cigars..I have a cousin!

P.S. if you notice, I removed the 'worthwhile site pick' called Rejection because after surfing around on it a few days ago I found some rather objectionable content. Because Cinia does not with to be associated with that, I no longer recommend it as a worthwhile site.


Zenka said...

WOOT!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you, Michelle. Too bad her name's not Sheila. Oh well, few are gifted enough to have such an awesome name. (that was a joke)
I already had cracked the cigars open, but I'll repeat that just for you, if you insist. :) I can't wait to see pictures.
OH MY GOSH! I just realized she has the same birthday as one of my spiritually adopted kids, only he's one now. So cool. Wow... That's totally awesome.
I'm done now.

Emma said...

Cyril Richard, right Sheil? Or it's something like that at least. Too bad her name's not Emma, like they were planning on...

Madeline said...

Yay! :) Babies are wonderful.

Guys, Madeleine is the most sophisticated and beautiful name ever. You can't deny that! ;) I love the name Catherine, though!

Zenka said...

sophisticated? gwendolyn. sorry, herm. sheila's the most awesome name, though. :)
yeah, cyril richard is right. oh yeah. GO BABIES! WOO!
hey, guys, i'll see you in like two days. *yes*
some of you anyway.

Zenka said...

ps. hermes, there's a girl in my AP History class called Catherine. Pretty awesome.

Erin said...

My sister is Mary Katherine... but that, obviously, is with a "K". Still a nice middle name.

Madeline said...

Painting pictures! Painting pictures! Painting pictures!

:D Madeline