Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Name :)

My Dear Readers,

As you might have noticed I, formerly Cinia, have assumed a new name - 847 wishes.This inspiration came to me at Mass today as Fr. Michael Dodds O.P. was preaching about Christ. He was telling us about how the world trys to convince us that we are stupid; therefore we need other poeple's help. He said for example, when he typed in 3 wishes into google, over 800,000 sites would come up offering to help him choose what they would be. When he typed in 1 wish, over a million came up. Yet when he typed in 847 there were zero sites because no one would help you for that many.
That made an impression on me, because I want my name to remind me that no one should decide my life for me, except for God. Just like if I had 847 wishes, because no one would help me decide how to use them.

I apologize if that doesn't make sense, a lot has happened today and I'm a little out sorts. But for now, that's my new name, and I like it.

Here's the almost worthwhile site of the post:
Anthony is one of my 2nd cousins, and I love the story of how he proposed - ROMANTIC!


Zenka said...

why'd he choose 847? that's random. but somehow kinda cool.
you're cute, meechy.

Erin said...

I like it... just random enough to be awesome. Sweet!

Madeleine said...

Hi Peachy! I love the new colors on your blog!! Were you under the influence of your room, perchance?

847 wishes... mmm! That's a lot of wishes. Pretty cool.

For some reason, the link to your cousin's proposal, etc. didn't work. The Knot said there was an error. Pshaw! I don't have time for errors!!

Wa-woah. JK. :D

847 wishes said...

what!!!! It didn't work for me either...but I figured that was just a thing with McAffee on our computer. It worked a month ago... :(
Yea...partially, I want feedback on the color scheme because I'll change it as my mood changes until I come up with the right one. YEHAW!

Erin said...

haha, go random colors! I especially like the green background...

Hillary said...

Ooh, I like this whole "847" thing. But could even the most selfish person ask for 847 things? I think after 200 or 300 even I would have to start repeating myself...Unless each french fry counted as one wish

Zenka said...

i'm not the most selfish person in the world, but i could definitely wish for 847 things. :)
and i wouldn't want french fries. not even one.