Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooo peoples!

Hey All!

You know, if all those people who vote in my poll commented, I would be very happy.

Let's see, an update of my life:
Speech and debate: We're having a car wash tomorrow. No comment. My DI is awesome, I love it. We have many new members, it's awesome. My first tournament isn't until November so I'm very sad about that.
Stuff: I am taking a Chemistry class from a lady named "Frog" I am not kidding. The labs are really fun, and I have awesome lab partners. I also learned the other day that the 'older kid' book is a college-level textbook, meaning all the mathematical problems I've been doing are at the college-level. Needless to say, that made me feel really good.
Martial Arts: Louie and I are finally ready to test for our Yellow belts on Tuesday, so a little prayer that we do our best would be VERY appreciated. I'm rather excited and not nervous (yet).
I can't really think of much else, life is good.

I love you all!


Madeleine said...

Dear Peachy,
I'm commenting! And I chose the Twix on the poll. It was sort of a hard choice, but I have good memories of eating Twix... which is really random actually, because I don't have a funny story attached to the memories; they're just good. :) Ha ha!

What does DI stand for again?

I'm glad you're enjoying Chemistry. Lab is waaaay fun! Stay enthused and know that you're becoming really smart- it'll get you through the hard parts of the subject matter. If, indeed, you think any of it is hard. Chemistry is awesome, though.

It's Friday! Whew... I'm relieved. Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? As far as I know, I'm not.

God bless all y'all! Love, Mad

Erin said...

Comments are always good... I could use some more too. ;-)

Isn't it sweet to take college classes? I'm loving BCC (when I'm not super tired, that is)... See you at book club, maybe?

847 wishes said...

yup, book club is a 'go'.

Amen Madeline, but I don't have any parties planned. Hey! We could always go meet up with some 40 days for lifers outside an abortion clinic. Mom and I did that Friday in Seattle and had loads of fun. :) One of the chiropractors across from the PP on the upper floor is rabidly pro-life and she is VERY enthusiastic about it. It was really funny. :D