Thursday, October 11, 2007

Martial Arts, Speech and Debate, and of course...LIFE!!!

Hey Ya'll!

I trust life is joyful for you, I can say for the most part it is for me. Actually, lately I've really been into the whole 'life's road' thing. It's kinda cool. :) Allow me to elaborate:

"It's a new road I travel on,
It's a new life I make my own,
It's a new time, a new world, a new beginning,
and I can make it all my own."


"Down a dusty road,
To embrace my fate.
Though the road may wander,
it will lead me to you."

and finally but not lastly...

"...or how the road can seem so long."

Also, I tested for yellow belt at Martial Arts today. Wohoo Meechy! Austin and Louie tested as well, and it was pretty fun. HAHA! oh right, forgot about that part..yea, it was fun. :D

I am also *drum roll... JUDGING MY FIRST TOURNAMENT ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super super super excited about that. It's the KAmiak novice tournament, and I get 8 NFL points for it and the experience and awesome times. I'll be the judge for people older than me, but since I'm in open and they're all'll ROCK! YES!!!!!!! I know already I'm going to LOVE judging. :D


847 wishes said...

"Only fools fear the open road
and I'm not afraid."

I loved judging, FYI. I absolutely loved it.

Emma said...

mmm, I take it the judging went well than? yay!