Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy All Saints Day!

Hello dear peoples!

Well, two of my fingers really hurt right now, so this will be rather brief. :( I know, you're all so sad. I'm glad you are loving my quizes! Honestly, if none of you are double-entering them, there are not a few people who are voting but not commenting. FEEL MY RATH. Comment! I want to hear from you!
Life is good. :) My first tournament of this year was October 26th/27th, my first time in OPEN! Needless to say, it was quite fun. I got 4th speaker in the Senate, and a perfect 20 in one of my IE rounds. Snohomish tourney is 11/16&17!!! I am SO going. :D We have about 4 duos right now, the most in our teams history, and 3 of them are awesome! Henry and Alex performed their duo today, and it was AMAZING! We were in hysterics! At one point Elliot was laughing so hard he was crying-I'd never seen him laugh that hard. :D What a riot. :D :D :D
Okay, I have a chemistry test tomorrow, then I'm going to a Murder Mystery dinner at Erika and Elliot' should be REALLY FUN!
Love to you all!


Erin said...

Glad to hear your speech and debate is going well!
I hope your fingers feel better... Oh, yeah, the one time I went to a murder mystery, I was the murderer. :D But it was still fun!

Madeleine said...

Hey Peachy, I love those murder mystery things. :) Fun fun fun! We did that at one of Deirdre's birthday parties long ago, and it was fab.

Have fun!