Saturday, December 1, 2007

Renton 12/1 + 40th post!


okay, so I just got back from the Renton HS invitational. It was the first tournament where both Edmonds and Thomas Jefferson (an interp. POWERHOUSE, they have like the best in the state) were competing so there were new DI's for me to beat (and be conquerored by). The two which won were AMAZING, the 1st place actually had this guy crying in the 1st round, I am not kidding! I got 4th out of the seven open DI's there, which I am I guess okay with. The girl who ripped her piece off of nationals FINALLY got crushed by a judge who gave her a 5th because she ripped her piece, I am so happy about that. :) So she actually ended up placing ahead of me, but she didn't trophy so I was happy. The snow was simply gorgeous, and it was so pretty! Ali and I were standing on the stairs talking and watching the snow. :) We had our novice duo there (#3 for our team!!!)and they won FIRST. !!!!!!!! Ali also won 2nd for his Oratory. :) He is so good! dude! My impromptu topics SUCKED and consequently I got 5th each round, a personal WROST. But I wasn't _too_ crushed because all the other people were super good. I now have a grand total of 207 NFL points. Oh, and for those of you who care, Kingston was NOT there. ;) Unfortunately. Anyways! Erika and Elliot rode down with us, which was super fun, something which doesn't normally happen. They're leaving for Guatamala on the 8th and not coming back until the 30th! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!
Yea, and I have to go now,

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Emma said...

Michelle, I'm devestated that the kingston team wasn't there.