Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Speech and Debate pictures!!!!!!! Batch #2

Picture time!

This is us at Snohomish (11/16&17/07) friday night for Congress. Ali is on the left, then me, then Jonathan, then Josh. Ali did LD, Jonathan and I did Open Congress, and Josh was in Novice Congress.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough room for the fun snohomish picture I wanted to put in, so I'm sorry. This one is our team trophy picture taken from an angle. I think Susan took this one while Dawna was taking the other picture. It's basically most of our team, and the important people you should already be able to distinguish.

This was Renton (12/1/07 - no Friday night events)I am on the far left, the woman right next to me is Dawna, our coach. Above her is Jakob, next to her is Daniel, then Erika, Elliot, and Ali.

Auburn-Riverside (12/08&09/07) Friday night! WOOHOO!!! I'm on the left, Ali is doing his hitman impression with his LD pens (red for pro, blue for con, they rock for making flows during the round)and Josh is just looking bored. That was a HUGE tournament, there were 280 some odd Congress/Debate entries JUST ON Friday. And 350 some odd IE entries the next day. That was the biggest touranemnt in Western Washington thus far this year.

Aha! Gig Harbor (12/11/07) was awesome. This was their Speech Festival, so it was smaller then their normal tournament, but more fun because they add extra events. :) Ali is on the left, then me, Kate, then Jakob.


Emma said...

Uh...that's Jakob>!?!?

Adele said...

Great pics! I'm glad you had fun. you're new colors are awesome, very happy.

Erin said...

Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Actually, blue is for pro, red is for con!

Anonymous said...

also it's aff and neg not pro and con. pro and con is only for pufo! lolz