Monday, March 24, 2008

Because I haven't posted in a long time...

Hello. I am a wonderful person. You are all wonderful people as well. That is why we're friends! I had a wonderful Easter. I had a beautifully amazing Easter vigil as well. Blessed Sacrament is stunning, and Jesson outdid himself as normal. It was simply magnif and I need to you guys!
Madeline: it's movie night time.
Curti: it's sleepover time.
Grace: it's brownie time.
Other peoples: it's party time!

Send my love to the ducks. (haha! ducks!)

Nothing too abnormal has happened in my life since the beginning of March. I'm goign to Vegas as a bystander most likely, and also most likely going to CA to visit yonder Bernhofts. I started drivers ed and have my permit now. :D And Lent is Over! Easter is Here! ALLELUIA!

Oh! I forgot; I found out why Daffy Duck is crazy! He apparently worked at a merry-go-round and rode the horse with the lavender eye with all the wicked girls. ;) Explains a lot about Looney Tunes. :)


Emma said...

you actually have asked that before Michelle. last time you said duck instead of hunting though. :D it is sleepover time...i'll write you an email right now concerning that.

Erin said...

LENT IS OVER!!! Congratulations on your permit, if you'll *permit* me to say so... hee hee hee, I couldn't resist. Anyway. Say hi to the Bernhofts for me!

Lorna. said...

Did you know that Jimmy Stewart went to Harvard?

847 wishes said...

well if Jimmy STewart went to Harvard, I must love Harvard as well. I have such good academic tastes...

"I need to you guys" I think I meant to say I need to SEE you guys"