Monday, September 1, 2008

Moments in Time

So today I, still unused to having NAILS because I haven't been biting them since I painted them, gouged a piece of flesh out of one of my fingers while making an emphatic gesture and bringing my hands too close.

Blood promptly ensued.

While rummaging around in our jumbo-pack band-aid box, I pulled one out that looked a little different.

Sure enough, written on the back of the paper casing in my best 11-yr. old handwriting was, "Congradulations! You won!"


Emma said...

Michelle, you are precious.

Erin said...

Hahaha... ouch. That's pretty funny.

847 wishes said...

haha so I just realized that all three of us have flowers for our avatars. Wow, we rock!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah?!? Look at my freakin' sweet picture. Mmm.

Emma said...

Nice Hermes...very nice.