Monday, October 27, 2008

Gig Harbor 24-25 2008

Ah, where do I begin.

I did demolish that senate...and I was SO bad I couldn't believe it. I went 5/4/6 for my speeches (best is 8 in congress, I'm used to getting 7s and 8s and had only give a 4 once before IN MY LIFE) but apparently my peers still thought I was the 2nd best speaker in the entire friggin room, so I got a congress trophy.
Next was DI, which kind of sucked because there were only 4 of us and the other three were fresh out of novice or what have you so I was pretty much guaranteed first. Which I got.
Then was impromptu. And there were about 30 competitors in open, and me not having given an imp since march, but tab's computer sputted out so we were all in exactly the same rooms with same people for all 3 rounds. So essentially, I was the best in my room consistantly (1,1,1 baby) and got my 3rd trophy.
So my tournament went like this: Senate - suckish, still made top 6 and 2nd student's choice; DI - 1,1,1; Imp - 1,1,1. A new personal best, I might add.

It was epic! And I'm really excited for Snohomish because I haven't seen Sam's DI yet and Erika's doing hers and it will be awesome and I love debate and it's wonderful and I found out today I actually have much higher grades then I originally thought I did so life's great great great!

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Emma said...

Michelle, you're too happy. Or something. Basically I just envy you, which is horrid of me, I know. Actually, I'm happy your life is "great great great!" and I just wish mine was too. <3