Monday, May 10, 2010

Life on a Planet Named Me

...or something like that. At any rate, here we are, another month older, wiser, richer (not), more heavily entrenched in school etc.

Let's give a quick run-down of my upcoming week, because I'm still having trouble dealing with how busy it is:

- English, Golf (skipped - hey, I had to honor senior skip day somehow right? Plus I had a ton of homework)
- Senior Pictures @ EHRC
- Spanish in PM

- English with 2 papers due
- 1-5pm work on graduation dress down in Seattle
- Debate (skip - no other option)

- English (midterm part #1), Golf (can't skip)
- Spanish
- YFL (arrive late because of Spanish)

- English (midterm part #2, Annotated Bib due)
- Possible meet to finish graduation dress
- Debate 2-3pm
- Senior Speech Meeting 3-4pm

- Psych test
- Senior party @ beach in PM

- Debate funraiser

- Mass
- Debate fundraiser
- Dinner at fancy restaurant down by the water with dad's side of the family to celebrate my birthday

Writing it all out makes it sound like a bit less, but it still sucks. My idyllic week would go something like this:

- Get up at 11am (or whenever I wake up)
- Read in bed
- Read during breakfast
- Read outside (and tan :))
- Make vegetable-laden lunch
- Read during lunch
- Do something nice outside, e.g. garden, play frisbee, play tennis, take long walk,
- Have nice dinner
-Read or watch a movie
- Sleep, sweet sleep.

Something like that. I guess I'm just really getting worn down with all this school and crap. Plus I really need to start putting the heat on researching for nationals and fundraising for nationals and I have to get my graduation invitations sent out and figure out what I'm doing in August and decide if I can get a job this summer and do all this stuff. Plus my back still hurts from when it got burned on Saturday.

So...summer plans! I'm in a list sort of mood today I guess!

- NATIONALS (I qualified in Domestic Extemp and am doing Extemp Commentary and Expos as my supplementals)
- Club Rust
- Yosemite with the Bernhofts
- Summer League Mixed Ultimate - I'm a little nervous about playing ultimate with/against adults but I think it will be really fun and needless to say I'm psyched
- MOVE TO CHICAGO!!!!!!! (Or Ohio, but probably Chicago.)

I am SO ready to move out! I can't wait. But first Americorps needs to process my application and finalize details. There are two really awesome programs in Chicago and I hope I get into at least one of them. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to take a year off of school and still graduate on time and I definitely want to make the most of it. I feel like I've been laden down so much with school for the past 12 years and had blinders on to stay focused and alert and academically-minded so now that I'm nearing the metaphorical end of the tunnel suddenly I see all these new, exciting opportunities and I want to live a little. I'm thrilled to get the chance to move out and be independent on my own and just live for a year in a completely new place. I'll come back and go to UW after, but for now that independence is just so tantalizing I can hardly wait. But lest I get ahead of myself, I still need to get accepted to a program, and I still need to finish another 4.5 weeks of college and jump through a bunch of other hurdles. All right - enough about myself! I'd post my movie reviews but I'm too lazy right now. I doubt anyone actually cares about them so it's all good in the end anyway.

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