Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bucket List

I made one about 2 years ago but I lost it so here's the new and improved version incapable of being lost:

Bucket List circa 2011
  • Take fencing lessons
  • Tap dancing
  • Learn how to drive a stick (completed!)
  • Drive a super car
  • Kiss in the rain
  • Bake a cheesecake (completed!)
  • Bake the perfect pie
  • Go paintballing
  • Go backpacking
  • See a bear (completed!)
  • Visit the East Coast
  • Visit New York
  • Visit South America
  • Mosh pit
  • Write a memoir
  • Get a college degree
  • Go to a sporting event
  • Go snorkeling (somewhere tropical)
  • Push myself (skydiving, bungee jumping, or a roller coaster)
  • Go polar dipping on New Years
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Get in a whipped cream fight
  • Eat rabbit
  • Run a 5k
  • Run a marathon without removing my spleen
  • Watch a horror movie

I'm sure it will grow and change as I grow and change and I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I publish this post, but this is what I could think of right now. It's a good start.


Madeleine said...

Tap dancing.

It's one of mine too. We should take lessons together! There's even a place in Seattle that I've slightly scoped out.


Leifer said...

I love your bucket list.

If you're going to kiss in the rain, make love in the rain. Do that somewhere temperate.

The East Coast is nice, but choose well. Rehoboth, Delaware is my recommendation for a nice seaside town, not too touristy. Atlantic City, on the other hand, should be avoided.

You can make your polar dipping and skinny dipping a two-fer in the right circumstances.

I thought this was a memoir.

BadCheetah said...

Hi! great bucket list... Try adding wargames to it, you'll sure have an adrenaline rush! good luck!

mommaclark said...

~*Smiles*~... love the idea... goals and something to keep reaching for... and "living"

Anonymous said...

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Sufia Kahlun said...

Best of luck with your bucket list, you gave me an idea to form mine as well. keep up the good work and best of luck with your bucket list.

Helen Neely said...

Nice to see that there are people who love life you like yourself. I wish I could have your strong will.
I might just try seeing a friend who sells Keurig Coffee Brewer for a living

hapi said...

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