Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2013! Wow, what a start!

Currently 13:24 hours into the new year and I've already gotten more done off my to-do list than in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Also just got back from an exhilarating plunge into Lake Washington on a clear, sunny, frost-laced morning crowded in on every side by old men in speedos, hula girls, Waldo (found him), Elvis, and a bunch of Vikings. Seattle does its holidays right! And no polar dive would be complete without cocoa, coffee, and hot Tang! (seriously. WTF.)

Ok, so 2013 goals:

  • Layout. I know I got this checked off last year but then my collarbone decided it was too solid and cracked in two so I'm a little scared about throwing my body on the ground anytime soon. 
  • Layout and catch a disc
  • Layout D
  • Callaghan
  • Nurse Tech type job
  • Keep crossing stuff off the Bucket List! 
  • Kickass, memorable 21st. Memorable in that it will be worth remember and also I will keep the capacity to remember it. 
  •  POTLATCH. If I say it enough it has to happen eventually, right? 
  • Seaplastic? Beach Ulty sounds fun! 
  • 21 & Over slated to come out. Between my cameo and Rise Up I'll be a household name, right? 
  • Completely finish a crossword in pen on my own with no help. 
  • Be someone I am proud of every day.
  • Be generous. Be humble. Be selfless. 
Not quite as many life-changing moments coming down the pike this year. Find a new place to live next year. Survive the rest of this year of nursing school and the first quarter of the next. I would really love to go somewhere this summer but realistically I might just have to stay home and work.

For the first time I'm also saluting notable moments from 2012. A lot happened, both expected and surprising:
  • Move out on my own
  • Get into nursing school
  • Start nursing school
  •  Layout #1 (and 2 and...)
  •  Broke my collarbone
  •  DiscNW Elementary Coordinator
  • Picked my first lock
  • Picked & cooked approx. 5 gallons of basil into pesto. 
Well...I just got distracted then acutely tired so I'm going to nap up. Happy 2013!! 


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For the first time I'm also saluting notable moments from 2012. A lot happened, both expected and surprising

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2015 is here! Another list of new year's resolution will be prepared. Hope we all have a prosperous new year. God bless us all!