Saturday, December 9, 2006

Another week of the life of Meechy

Well, another week has gone by, my butterflies are only shadows, I have seen Dead Sea Scrolls, gotten ready for my first tournament :D:D:D:D:D:D, tried a failed recipe, and lived life. I had forgotten how much I love Advent. It's a retreat for me from the hustle and pressure of commercial Christmas. (Not that I succome to that but it is everywhere.) I learned about the ancient fort of Qumran and the Esseans who are believed to have written the scrolls. The ancient coins facinated me the most. There are over 50,000 shards of scrolls, some no bigger than a fingernail. In the 1950's scientists, completely oblivious to the harm they were causing, taped the pieces together in an effort to decode them. When they realized their huge mistake they started to painstakingly take the adhesive off in an attempt to save the damaged fragments. It takes 1-3 months to salvage 2 or 3 shards and they're only about half way done. Completely amazing, I think.
I also made this pretzel/hazlenut/chocolate bar but it DID NOT turn out right. Needless to say, they still taste wonderful.
My posterboard is laid out for the tournament on Tuesday, please pray for me that I do my best, and all I need is some more PEZ. It looks pretty rad, if I do say so myself. The large wookie which plays the Star Wars theme song was a big hit at practice. (I personally hate it but since it is different and interesting, I have to use it.) I already got into a debate with Ian about the Beatles so I decided not to bring up my feelings about Star Wars. Ian is a senior, Kate's (who is really nice and whom I really like) brother. He is basically really good in all the aspects of debating and is often called upon to offer advice. Even as I write, about half of the team is competing right now :(. I really wanted to go but mom wouldn't let me. Oh well, more time to work on my expose.
May you continue to have a fulfilling Advent!


Emma said...

Hi Michelle! Sounds like life is pretty fun for you! I agree, Advent is great! Hope to see you soon!

cinia said...

YES! someone commented on this post! I love you emma,,,:)

Erin said...

Hey, it was nice seeing you the other day at Bl. Sacrament! We finally got our power back on yesterday afternoon... hooray!
That's so cool that you got to see the Dead Sea scrolls. I hope I can someday!

cinia said...