Saturday, January 19, 2008

Army of Me

This is the most awesome band EVER.

I absolutely cannot get enough of their music, and I love the way they are still a relatively small band. I really love their songs Perfect, 2 into 1, and Saved your Life. They aren't Christian, but their music has a wonderful feeling around it, and the language isn't suggestive or crude.

They are AMAZING!!!!!!!

check them out: The website rocks, Citizen rocks, their music rocks, they rock. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention anything about their looks, Peachy. I'm surprised! ;)

The lead singer has a cool nose, especially as seen in one of the concert photos in the photo gallery. :) Go ahead, call me weird. I just like noses.

David Webb said...

"I just like noses." Madeline, I hope you know that you will be quoted on that many many times over the course of your life.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! ahh...Hermes, you're goofy. I want to laugh with you right now. :D Except that would hurt. :) haha!
I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrick. :)
Rose, we'll be having that good laugh soon. :^) There's a face with a nose.

Anonymous said...

dude i love the song going through changes. do you have this album? if you do can i borrow it?

nic said...

They aren't a Christian band, but they ARE Christians. The lead singer wears a scapular and everything, even while on MTV. Awesome. Rise is a good song, too.