Sunday, February 17, 2008

crap, I forgot what I was going to say........

and I forgot the body of the post as well.
But that doesn't matter because it's Lent.
wow...I really cannot believe I was brainwashed that completely! haha!

I guess I'll just update then,

I love Blessed Sacrament.
I am cool with Lent.
I hate the CORE chemistry class with a violent passion.
I am enjoying my Valentines candy today.
I qualified for State, but am not going because it's on Holy Saturday.
I have a good chance of going to the Florida Forensics Institute Summer Congress and Speech Institute. (kinda retorical, but whatever) I'm very excited about the opportunity, and I am so incredibly excited about the possibility/potential of that experience.
My last tournament of the season is the National Qualification tournament on March first. Please pray that I do my best. There is a slim chance I will qualify, and if I do then I'm going to Las Vegas in June to compete with about 2,000 other Nat Qualifiers. But I probably won't. But you never know. Oh well.
I wish you all the most blessed Lent and I love you!


Emma said...

I like the new color scheme...very fun. :) And that's really sad you won't be able to go to State. Geez! is no one else Christian?! Ah well, you're going to nationals, and I'm going with you, so it's all good. :D

Anonymous said...

The new colors are awesome! It's too bad that its on Holy Saturday, they should look at their calendars more often.
I'm sure you'll great in March, I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Weeee! Michelle, I can't wait to go to Vegas with you in June...that will be amazing. :D mmm! Ahhh...I love trips like that.


I love you.

Zenka said...

when the heck are you coming to visit me, home dogg?
i like the colors. kind of reminds me of sherbet.
you rock.