Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prayer Request

A beloved Dominican of the Western Province and Blessed Sacrament was just diagnosed with aggressive cancer of the esophagus. Fr. Tom Kraft O.P. is a good friend of mine, and he served at Blessed Sacrament for a few years ending last summer at the Newman Center. He's still rather young, and was a wonderful part of BSP before he was transferred.

Jesson says, "We have hope in miracles and in the great mercy of God. Let us keep him in our prayers."

So please do and maybe tomorrow for the Friday of Lent offer up an extra little something for him. Or whatever.
But thank you!


Anonymous said...

I'll offer my rosary tonight for him.

Anonymous said...

I'll certainly keep him in my prayers this Lent.

Emma said...

yeah, i heard about sad. I'll keep him in my prayers!