Wednesday, April 30, 2008


These things absolutely rock. They were what kept me sane in drivers ed. Alysen helped, but these were so absolutely dumb and stupid and funny and pointless. Had to share.
I am officially done with drivers ed, having passed with 90 on the written and 92 on the driving tests. YES.


Madeleine said...

HA! Guess which is my favorite.... the blind rodent. I love that! Your drivers ed books are weird! Goll. The authors probably sat there going, 'hey, Bob. Look at this ridiculous drawing. Wouldn't it be funny if we put it in? Haha! Why not.' And before you know it, there it was, and now we're like, "Peha! Okay...."

BTW, I love the new template coloring! Definitely cool. :) I love you, Peachy.

Erin said...

Whoa! Love the pictures. I don't think MY driver's ed class was nearly as interesting.
So when will you be eligible to get your license? So exciting!! ;)

Rabic said...

just for the record, the poll booth is stupid, because i already wear flipflops, and im pretty tan from swimming.