Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mmh. Life.

So I went to another tournament.
I'm really not in my grove this season - it's kind of frustrating, but I kind of know what I need to work on and I kind of just need to. I don't know, it's been hard because I'm more tired than I normally am at tournaments so I haven't been giving it my all and it's been showing. But I think the North-end IE judges are on crack or something this year because their judging is BS. I really really REALLY miss south-end judging and tournaments. They focus a lot more on technique and the technical stuff as opposed to just "ooo, this piece made me feel good! I give it first!" which is basically the extent of North-end judging. It's annoying. But oh well, right? At least in congress there's Spani so I know what I need to work on. It's hard being the only congress person in our entire school - it's an event that REALLY PAYS to have other people, and Dawna spends lots of time doing LD since Ali and Laura do it, so I kind of have to figure out congress on my own. Oh well! All the more drive for me to prove that just because I am from a smaller school does NOT mean I can't be competitive! I'm going to Nats in congress this year! I WILL!
Other than that...
I have a week of school left, and I can't eat or drink all morning because I'm going in for an ultrasound this afternoon down at Childrens. Have to make sure my speen won't explode. Which it won't. But that's beside the point. Doctors don't take risks. I've never been to childrens before...
Any "drama" is pretty much passed now, and I'm living a fairly comfortable life right now marveling at the cute boy on the computer two away from me who is also in my english class. Name's Trevor. Thought it was Collin at first. That would have been really....ironic?

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Rose said...

Life is good, because i love you, right? *hug* be good, Meechy. I love you, not only because you're my red hot....pepper ;), but because you're a great kid. okay? Happy Thanksgiving, dearest.