Tuesday, December 9, 2008

restitution, sweet restitution.

So I went to another tournament. This makes...four this year - and I've trophied at each one! Although Snohomish and Arlington were large disappointments for my main events, I have finally gotten back on the congress horse with a 2nd place and top PO at auburn. Now, I'd be disappointed, but the guy who got first is SUPER good and I found out later I was only ONE POINT AWAY FROM BEATING HIM!!!!! HOLY CRAP! I had no idea it was that close. Basically if he hadn't given his last speech I would have really beaten him. So that made me feel really really good. Besides, our parliamentarian was the Eastside Catholic coach and although he wasn't exactly kosher on a lot of congress procedures, he was HILARIOUS which made the 10+ hours of debate bearable. It was a really small chamber too, only 15 of us collapsed, so humor was pretty vital.
One of my favorite tournaments is this coming weekend, and I'll see how I'm matching up against DI and congress competition. Hope it all goes well!
Also, Robert came to judge at Auburn, and apparently Ali and Ariel (from Kamiak) are hoping to pit Robert and Mike Fitzerald (Kamiak alum) up against each other in true LD style so I told them if they do I REALLY want to see it. Both are insanely good. So I've heard. Should be epic.
So my total trophy count this year stands at 7, and my goal is 20. So far - so good! I still have approx... 7 tournaments left? 8, if I count nationals, assuming I go. Ho boy....no pressure there.

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