Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting ready for November

Well the later part of October was certainly busy, but good.
Microbiology continues to dominate my life, but on the plus side Spanish is remarkably easy for a 7-credit class. Plus, any class that gives you extra credit for having TWITTER has to be awesome, right? Speaking of which, I did finally break down and get twitter, but just to keep in touch with a certain friend of mine, and of course, for Spanish.
Of course, I also am fully back into the swing of debate, and have never been happier. :D

This past weekend was the Gig Harbor tournament - season opener, and I tried LD debate for the first time ever. My coach, being the wonderful woman she is, threw me into JV so that was a disadvantage, but I did as well as could be expected. Duo was another...um...yeah never mind.
Impromptu was lots of fun, I had Mitch in all three of my rounds which made each round exponentially more interesting but didn't help me win - or did it? 2 of the 3 rounds I actually beat him placing 1st to his 2nd. It was fun to reconnect with him, and also with Ariel, Kate, Vincent..etc. I love my debate friends, it sucks that so many of them are applying to out-of-state colleges.
I am reminded at the oddest times that this blog is, in fact, public, although I really don't understand why anyone would want to read it. That being said, I am omitting my...more personal opinions on certain people. :D
As far as the debate team this year, I think we have a really good team, and the freshman definitely have a lot of potential which I think will really rebuild the team when I and Ali leave. I would really love to coach a team of my own someday, although I just know my kids would hate me. I have a feeling I would demand a lot, but who knows - I might just be one of those awesome coaches that everyone loves (like my coach.) At the very least, I'd love to judge the high school pool.
I talked to a Kamiak college debater who was one of my judges and she really cautioned me against college-level policy unless I want to go into politics because it's all messed up. Which I should have seen coming, but which still sucks. So I think if I do end up doing college debate I would love to do parli, and I know the UW has a parli team. Gonzaga, however, just does competitive policy, so I don't know...

As far as life life, I'm basically fed up with most of my friends from sthme/yfl at the moment. But then again, keep in mind I often get fed up with people/get tired of socializing. I'm a very independent person, which is why I still sometimes think about the religious life. I have no idea what my vocation is, because I love children but I just couldn't see myself as a parent. I do want to get married, but kids kind of go along with that. However, I could end up joining a religious order, but I just don't know about that. Fortunately I don't have to make those decisions for a while, and for now I'm just buckling down trying to finish out senior year without any drama or stupid decisions (*cough cough Birmingham & Vegas) Once I get to college I can relax, get a job, start enjoying life and not working too hard. That's actually how I've positioned myself - all my hardest classes I'm taking now, so by the time I get to UW I will have only 4-6 more classes to take so I can really concentrate on getting some life experience for nursing school.

On a beautiful ending note, http://emailsfromcrazypeople.com/2009/10/27/persistence-doesnt-always-pay-off/#more-291
Really reminds me of this one guy Isaac...


Mayo said...

Peachers, you'd better not be fed up with me, because I certainly have not been impinging upon your independence... :)

Love you. <3

michelle said...

NEVER! And Friday night was epic amounts of fun. :D

Madeleine said...

You're really into the word 'epic'... that's cool. :) Mmmbye.