Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More useless crap...

I am feeling especially amazing today because I had my first microbiology midterm and completely showed it who's boss. I had at least 4 friends who specifically didn't take micro at EdCC because the teacher here has such a reputation for being tough and she even told us herself that she is known for giving hard tests plus there were like fifty billion (slight exaggeration, more like a few dozen) bacteria that we could have very easily have had to identify a picture of, correctly name, state their method of reproduction, habitat, metabolism, diseases they cause as well as any unique characteristics. In other words, kill ourselves.
However, while the test was completely thorough, I really felt like I did well and after talking to one of the best students afterwards about it I am confident I did pretty well. The great wave of relief is so sweet, so welcome, so refreshing.

Now I have a week and a half to write two LD cases (AFF and NEG) on Resolved: Public Health Concerns Justify Compulsory Immunization using philosophy such as utilitarianism or independence or categorical imperative.
I love my life...

In other news, I got tonight off from Spanish class so I'm going to celebrate that by not going to YFL. We also got our kitties neutered yesterday so they are now a few stones short of a vegetable garden. I also judged the Kamiak Novice Tourney on Saturday and survived through Extemp, Imp, PF, and HI. The end result:

Yeah. It was fun though, and I loved seeing all my old debate friends again. Judging PF was pretty fun - my friends Sean and Vincent came and helped me/passed notes to each other about how the novices were pronouncing Nuclear wrong/ mourned with me the absence of any mention whatsoever of anarchy throughout the round. The resolution was about frikin FAILED NATIONS for cryin out loud! Hellooooooo...
I'm also finishing up my college applications - I think all that is left is to send in my high school transcripts and of course hit "Submit" for my applications. A stoic gesture marking the end of high school, the onset of senoritis, and the beginning of thinking about life after grade school. Sometimes I can't wait and other times I feel like just yesterday I was starting 1st grade.

In keeping with the theme from September's post I will also include some of the top movie's I've watched in the last month:

The Sasquatch Gang (2007) PG-13 Comedy, ****/*

Starring no-names and dorks, this Napoleon Dynamite spin-off is absolutely hilarious. Join three loser teenage medieval swordsmen, three loser 'gang' members, and two...just plain losers. Also joining the cast is Sophie, the kind-of girlfriend of the least dorky swordsman, who has been made fun of for being fat one too many times and has had her jaw wired shut. By FAR the best part of the movie are the two loser losers, who remind me of Uncle Rico in his early years and a druggie surfer. The only way these three groups of people relate is A) they're all loser and B) they all have a hand in the 'mysterious' Sasquatch sighting. If you liked Napoleon Dynamite this movie is for you, otherwise you're wasting your time.

State of Play (2009) PG-13 Suspense, Political Thriller ****

Starring Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) the movie is fast-paced and thoroughly intriguing. It's one of those movies where you give up trying to figure out the puzzle 5 minutes into it because it's way too confusing and just sit back and enjoy the twists and turns. Crowe and McAdams play investigative journalists looking into the death of an aide to Senator so-and-so. Affairs, corruption, secret friendships, pride, and counter-investigations all play into this awesome movie. It had all the makings for a Bourne or Oceans finish didn't. The ending had enormous potential - everything was leading up to a huge explosion, but instead there were just a few shots. Still a great movie.

Still of the Night (1982) PG-13? Suspense, Mystery, Thriller ****

Meryl Streep dazzles the screen as only she can in this Hitchockesque thriller. As twisted and creepy as any authentic Hitchock, she delivers a spotless performance as a young girl working at an auction house with too many secrets. Roy Schnieder plays a psychiatrist who realizes someone is out to kill him after one of his patient's dies. How Streep plays in is anybody's guess and there was one scene I was literally hanging on the closest arm I could find because it was so suspenseful! The ending was awesome in that you could clearly see all the pieces fitting together, but fell short of the five-star Hitchock thrillers. It was about as good a try as they come, and I would definitely recommend it.


Erin said...

1) Congrats on pwning the micro test. It's such a great feeling when you know you absolutely aced some sort of assignment, especially for a tough class (which it sounds like microbiology is).

2)You celebrate by NOT going to YFL? Where is the logic in that?!?!

3) That picture of you is... interesting. :D

4) YAY finishing college apps!! Where did you end up applying to?

meechy said...

I'm applying to UW, PLU, Gonzaga and the dark horse Tulane. Exciting!!
Ah it must be nice having all that done and behind you now. :D I thank God for non-binding early decision. Yay college!